Simulated birthstones


Garnet Stone


Amethst Stone


Aquamarine Stone


White Sapphire


Emerald Stone


Alexandrite Stone


Ruby Stone


Peridot Stone


Sapphire Stone


Pink Sapphire Stone


Citrine Stone


Blue Zircon Stone

CZ Stone

Black (onyx)

CZ Stone

Sunburst Yellow

CZ Stone

Coffee Colour

CZ Stone

Opal Stone

CZ Stone

Tourmaline Stone

CZ Stone

Pearl Stone

Stone cuts

Cabochon cut

Mixed cut

Rose cut

Step cut

Ring finish option

Natural finish

This finish option gives your ring a high-natural polished look.

Antique finish

This traditional finish gives your ring a dark background that makes the fine details, like the text, logos, and symbols, stand out.

Ring bezel

A bezel is the space surrounding the stone on the top of your ring. Typically, the bezel has your name, school’s name, slogan, or any other information you wish to capture.

Side shanks & panels

The shank refers to the top section of the ring’s sides, also known as the Personal Identifier section. It is the part of the ring where you can put your name, graduation year, mascot’s name, or something else that is unique to you.

The lower portion of the ring’s side is known as the side panel. This section allows you to include your emblem, symbol, mascot, jersey number, or team position. It is for the activities you engage in and the symbols that are important to you. These can range from arts to athletics to wildlife to something that matches your passions. This section allows you to add that personal touch to your ring design, one that highlights your passion and tells your story.

Personalised Engraving

The inside of your ring band can be engraved with up to 14 characters per line bearing your name, message, or initials.

Single line engraving

Double line engraving

Text divider

Round divider

Square divider

4 Star divider

5Star divider