REpair & Resizing

Prior to sending in your jewellery for repair, we request that you fill out the form below and include a photo of the jewellery in need of repair. You may also send us an email with a photograph of the jewellery to
All jewellery that requires repair must be insured and sent to us via registered mail or courier with a tracking number and a return envelope, where possible. Unless you specify otherwise, we will dispatch your jewellery via registered courier such as DHL, UPS, or FedEx once the repair is completed.

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The following services will be performed for the original owner of this ring:

Stone replacement

Jewellery is meant to be worn, and that means that it is subjected to all kinds of wear and tear that can potentially cause damage over time. Fortunately, our expert craftsmen can perform all types of fine jewelry repair, and that includes stone replacement. Whether you’ve lost a stone or one has been damaged, we can find a perfect replacement and put it in for you so the piece you get back is as good as new.

RING Resizing

You might need to resize your ring for many reasons. You may have submitted an incorrect ring size when placing your order, or misjudged your significant other’s ring size while purchasing an engagement ring. When placing an order, we request that clients provide their ring sizes as accurately as possible. We can mail you a free ring sizer, or you may visit a local jeweller to get your finger measured to ensure you have the accurate size. Nonetheless, if you wish to resize your ring, we can help you. Most rings may be resized up or down without difficulty, but bands made with certain metals or intricate designs cannot be resized. Here is all the information you need to resize your ring.
Resizing Down

Resizing down reduces the size of your ring. During this process, the jeweller cuts out the extra material from the bottom of the ring, then solders the ends back together.

Resizing Up

Resizing up increases the size of your ring. This is needed if the original size is too small for your finger.

Rings that can be resized

Rings that canNOT be resized