SINCE 1997

Madewear was created in Lagos, Nigeria in May of 1997. It began as a clothing brand that produced urban streetwear. In 2014, the company shifted its focus to the design and production of commemorative jewellery. Since then, it has become synonymous with offering quality products and fostering excellent partnerships with schools, sports teams, the alumni association and businesses. Madewear Schools’ division currently supplies 70 percent of the college market in West Africa and that number is growing.


We work directly with school officials to establish innovative collaborations and products, particularly those that enable institutions to establish a permanent relationship with their students and alumni while also building a brand that enhances their image within the educational community. Our marketing, sales, and manufacturing operations are based in London and Lagos, respectively.


Our mission

We offer products that immortalise significant moments in the lives of others. Our legacy is founded on the delivery of exceptional and innovative products, such as custom jewellery, graduation & class rings, corporate rings, sports and military rings, to our diverse clientele, which includes individuals, alumni associations, schools, businesses, motorcycle clubs, private members' clubs, social clubs, award organisers, and corporate establishments.


We’re changing the way people celebrate achievements in Africa.

At the heart of Madewear Nigeria is a team of passionate business developers, designers, craftsmen and entrepreneurs. We have a dedicated team working behind the scenes in all our departments and tremendous field personnel on the front lines to ensure that the quality of our product and the service we provide are nothing short of excellent.

We work tirelessly to ensure our customers experience something special with every purchase. We believe in celebrating the individual, not extolling mass-produced “values”. Every innovation in design is made possible by the simple elegance found within our daily lives. Our incredible customers fuel the passion Madewear has become known for. It is them who influence every reinvention by embracing the power of individuality. This is what tradition is all about – the greatness of an individual passed on through history. You have helped us to define the brand’s unique identity and attitude. For all that and more, we thank you.

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