Limited lifetime warranty

Your jewellery comes with a Limited lifetime warranty except stated otherwise in the product description. Madewear will make every effort to repair/replace all products manufactured with the Madewear trademark. (This does not cover stone breakages). If for any reason we are unable to do so because tooling is obsolete and no longer available, proper notification will be given to the customer and a current style will be offered. If sentimental value is a concern, we will return any ring that the customer does not wish replaced. Thereafter, a like current style will be provided.

From time to time jewelleries are returned that exhibit wear and tear that exceeds normal levels. In these rare situations, the returned jewellery will not be repaired. Instead, we will contact you to ask for permission to re-manufacture the ring in a current style for a remake fee. If you are unsure whether to re-manufacture the ring when we contact you, we can offer to hold the ring for up to 45 days. The re-manufacturing process will destroy the old ring, so we are offering this service as a courtesy in the interest of supporting your decision. The warranty department will maintain high sensitivity to each customer inquiry and take any and all reasonable steps necessary to assure 100% satisfaction.

All new jewellery that are not customer-initiated will receive an approximate 3-4 week repair schedule. All customer-initiated changes receive an approximate 5-6 week repair schedule.


All repairs will be shipped via registered courier within Nigeria such as DHL, UPS or FEDEx unless otherwise specified. Any ring or jewellery being shipped to a post office box will be shipped via registered mail. All addresses should include the recipient’s phone number.

Prior to sending in your jewellery for repair, we require that you fill out the form below and attach a photo of the jewellery that requires repairs. You can also send us a direct email with a photo of the jewellery to contact@madewear.ng.

The following services will be performed for the original owner of this ring:

»    Your ring may be resized at any time at a fee if in resizable condition.

»    Any defect in materials or workmanship in either the simulated stone or jewellery that is present at the time of original delivery will be repaired or, at Madewear’s option, replaced with the current ring design without charge (Contact us for jewelleries with diamonds and other precious stones)

  • Your warranty is void if any work is performed on the ring by anyone other than Madewear.

Ring Care

»    To preserve the beauty and lustre of your jewellery, wash in a mild detergent in lukewarm water and rinse. Then, dry with a soft, clean cloth. Do not use any type of brush, sharp instrument or rough cloth for cleaning.

»    To protect your jewellery from permanent damage, avoid any contact with mercury. The effect of mercury and harsh acids on silver and gold is severe and permanent. Be sure to remove your jewellery before coming into contact with such harmful agents.

»    To safeguard against damage, and personal injury, always remove your jewellery before engaging in sports or in heavy labour. Quality stones and precious metal will not stand abuse.

»    Rings needing repairs should be returned to your Madewear Brand Associate or sent to our address.

»    For information on any other product line, please contact us for additional information regarding our Jewellery Repair/Return process or any applicable adjustment charges.


Description of service or repair


Resizing N11,500
Cleaning and polishing N5,000
Replace damaged or defective simulated stone N7,800
Change defective semi-precious stone Contact us for price
Change incorrect engraving Contact us for price
Add or change engraving Contact us for price
Refurbish ring Contact us for price
Change simulated stone to another colour Contact us for price
Change genuine stone to another colour Contact us for price
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