The “Bezel” is the area of text that surrounds the stone.
Not all rings have this, but the ones that do give a class ring a unique and classic aesthetic.


The shank is the area around the shoulder of the ring.


A bezel design is divided into two halves, usually with a divider, such as a small stone. Consider the layout of your school name and how it could be divided in half. If possible, the two halves should be equal in length. In a case where the first part of the school name is short and the second part is longer, the stones or dividers will be in the upper half of the bezel, rather than centered across from each other.


Engraving usually entails carving something such as messages or logos into something, especially metal. This is often done on wedding rings or sentimental jewellery.
We can provide this service, but engravings on rings usually have limited space. This can vary. Some rings may have up to 3 lines of engraving while some may only have one.
Each line can have up to 14 characters including spaces. The more characters that you have in your engraving the smaller the engraving will be inside your ring.
Engraving is available in script or block letters.

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