You have got to remember that not all gold has the same value and therefore the same price. Some are more valuable than others upon their rarity. You must understand the different types of gold before you buy gold or sell them.

It is quite easy to compute the value of the gold you want to sell. Some jewellery do have hallmark which estimates the gold within your item and according to that number you simply have to divide it by 1000. Then you have to do a multiplication of 24 to estimate the amount of karats. The more karats you have the more valuable your gold is. Consequently, you can estimate your piece of jewellery when you calculate the weight and the amount of karat it has.

Another thing to note is that gold prices fluctuates, Indeed, gold is similar to a currency and its value can fluctuate according to many economic and political factors. To use our gold price calculator below, simply enter the weight of the gold into the relevant calculator to display the price. If you would like to proceed to sell, simply click the button below and a member of our team will be in touch within 3 hours.

A final offer will be made only after we have tested and verified the value of your gold.

Refers to any item that consist of gold. The two main criterion to estimate your scrap gold are the weight and the purity. On one hand you have the purity which estimates the amount of gold present within your item. Gold jewellery usually range from 9k, 14k, 18k, 22k, and 24k. The higher the karats, the more valuable the item is. On the other hand, there is the weight, the heavier the item, the better.

Some are entirely made of gold while some are 90% gold. Of course, there are many types of gold coins that exist and they are often used for monetary purposes which makes each one unique according to the heritage of the country. They remain quite popular in today’s exchange market. It needs to be noted that there are lots of counterfeit coins therefore you must always check its value before buying and selling coins.

It’s often the most valuable of all since the quantity of gold is higher than the others. They are mainly present in Central banks of the different countries all around the world.

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