Official Igbobi College Old Boys’ Association Ring


With awareness of the quality of work Madewear has produced for other reputable schools, a small group of old students of Igbobi college approached us to create a custom class ring to serve as a reminder of their time at the college.

The result of a collaborative design process with this group is an all-encompassing prestige ring with recognisable symbols that represent who an Igbobian is.

Following series of meetings, Madewear established a mutually beneficial partnership with the ICOBA National Association to make this alumni ring accessible to a wider range of Igbobians all over the world.


Ring price:

925 Sterling SilverStarts from £150 / $200
Solid GoldStarts from £1250 / $1480


Message Engraving£15 /$18 (additional cost)
Name Customisation£40 / $53 (additional cost)


NOTE: The rings displayed here are not available for purchase by the general public. They are exclusively reserved for the alumni of Igbobi College, Yaba, Lagos.

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