Nigerian Navy Secondary School Port-Harcourt Alumni Association (NNSSPH)


A signet ring was first shown to an executive in 2019 because they felt that the rest of the executives would prefer a ring with just the school logo and school name at the top of the ring. This was the opposite as we were notified that they had sent the sample design to the rest of the executives and they were not fully in tandem.

After a few meetings, the Executives of NNSSPH alumni had the same spirit and vision in deciding what they finallywanted (A Prestige Ring) just like what their sister school had designed for their alumni. The first signet ring design wasthen relegated to the side for a more detailed prestige ring which has a blue simulated sapphire stone representing the school’s colour. The prestige ring design was approved just before the NNSSPH Alumni’s 25th anniversary.

On September 18th 2020, the executives of the association had a meeting with Madewear team and a new collection was presented to them which included a signet ring and a charm bracelet for the ladies. The designs were strongly accepted by the association and they immediately approved it.

For the NNSSPH boy and girl, their rings can be purchased in variations of Gold and 925 Sterling Silver which is uniquely designed to capture precious memories and show the alumni loyalty to their school. The prestige ring which is the classic traditional style remains the boldest and finest choice for the NNSSPH alumni because it proudly showcases the school logo and name. Also, at the top of the ring, the school name encircles a blue simulated sapphire birthstone which we chose in recognition of the NNSSPH school colour. The prestige ring is loved by all because it presents the alumni wide options to personalize their year of graduation, accomplishments and memories.


Ring price:

925 Sterling SilverStarts from £150 / $200
Solid GoldStarts from £1250 / $1480


Message Engraving£10 / $13 (additional cost)
Name Customisation£40 / $53 (additional cost)
Different artificial stone colour£10 / $14 (additional cost)

NOTE: The rings displayed here are not available for purchase by the general public. They are exclusively reserved for the alumni of Nigerian Navy Secondary School Port-Harcourt.

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