King’s College Lagos (KCOB)


The old boys of King’s College Lagos were the first to embrace the idea of class rings in Nigeria and over the years, the King’s college ring has become an instantly recognisable item amongst the alumni of this great school. The ring’s bold and clean design not only compliments any outfit but also serves as an aspirational inspiration for admirers of the school ring, making it an eye-catching commemorative accessory for those who own one.

Over the years, this ring has taken on a number of variations in stone colour options and shank customisations, while maintaining the integrity, class and beauty of its original design.

Ring price:

925 Sterling SilverStarts from £180 / $250
Solid GoldStarts from £1450 / $1991

NOTE: The rings displayed here are not available for purchase by the general public. They are exclusively reserved for the alumni of King’s College Lagos.

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