Official Baptist Academy Lagos Old Students’ Association


Market research led us to one of the oldest schools in Nigeria¬ Lagos Baptist Academy. We approached the alumni association with a proposal to provide a range of commemorative items, and they chose to go for a ring considering its prestige and versatility. 

The BAOSA ring was designed by Madewear and approved by the BAOSAN executive. The intricacy of the design was modelled after the school colour, logo and general specifications of the alumni executives. 

What stands as the BAOSA ring today was drawn from the school’s 135-year history well captured by our artist and approved by the alumni body. 

Ring price:

925 Sterling SilverStarts from £1500 / $200
Solid GoldStarts from £1250 / $1480


Message Engraving£10 / $13 (additional cost)
Name Customisation£40 / $53 (additional cost)
Different artificial stone colour£10 / $14 (additional cost)

NOTE: The rings displayed here are not available for purchase by the general public. They are exclusively reserved for the alumni of Lagos Baptist Academy.

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