Payment by Credit / Debit Cards

Madewear will try and accommodate almost any payment method and schedule. We currently accept checks, money order, bank transfers and credit cards (VISA, Master Card, JCB, Maestro and PayPal). Cheques and money orders need to be physically sent to our office.

Payment schedule

You have three options for payment schedules.

  1. The full amount when the order is placed.
  2. Half and half (UK customers only). That is, 50% when the order is placed and the rest just before shipping.
  3. 70 and 30 (Rest of the world). That is, 70% when the order is placed and the rest just before shipping.
  4. Where an installment plan has been agreed, the jewellery production does NOT start until we have received 50% of the order cost.

If you choose this installment plan option, a specified amount and payment frequency will be agreed. For custom jewellery, Installment payment is only available after completion and payment of your design.


Country / Continent

Accepted payment methods

Credit Cards

Debit Cards


(UK) Bank transfer

(NGR) Bank transfer

Cash on Delivery

Money Trnsfer








EU Countries






 South Africa


United Kingdom


United States


Rest of the world

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