Partner with us

Our objective is to create an arrangement with partner institutions and organisations on terms mutually agreeable and beneficial to all parties.

Madewear follows specific proven guidelines when proposing affinity jewellery to organisations / associations; however, we leave room to tailor make our products to fit what is best for the organisation. We never force our agenda on any one organisation, because we realize that no two organisations are ever alike.

Retail Management

Madewear are partners with many organisations across Nigeria and Africa. To learn about the benefits of partnering with Madewear, please fill out the form below.

Madewear offers online and onsite merchandise store management services. We serve social and sport clubs, alumni associations, social clubs, schools and colleges, etc. As a forward thinking organisation, we have different arrangements with many partner clients. Our service could be provided at no cost to the client, where a contract management and revenue sharing arrangement is reached.

As your partner, we will take time to understand your vision and will place your members at the heart of everything.

Our services allow for you to spend more on programs and projects than taking away from your budget. Institutions and organisations will operate differently, but we are extremely considerate in our costs. By using a company such as ours, there is no need to pay for additional costs such as specialised computer systems or employing staff.

Benefits for your Institution or organisation:

Guaranteed no effort income
A great promotion and marketing tool
Alumni engagement and promotion

E-commerce solutions

Give your customers the opportunity to shop, pay and receive merchandise from anywhere in the world. By selling your institution’s merchandise online, you will be able to reach many new potential customers such as students, club members, alumni and fans who are demanding a quick and interactive service.

Your webstore is a virtual storefront, and as such, should represent your company in a positive, professional manner. An aesthetic and functional webstore will leave your customers feeling confident in your brand, encouraging them to share it with others.

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