Our Process

Step 1.

Artwork & Design

There are many ways to get this process started.

You can start your design online by clicking the button below. You will be able to send us your initial concept and any sketches you may have. You could also begin the process by sending us an email.

Once the conversation has started, we will connect you to a member of our design team so you can discuss your requirements. During this process, we will define the details of your ring and turn them into a 3D rendering to give you a realistic idea of what your personalised commemorative piece would look like once it’s finished. We will support you throughout the whole process to make sure your design is being interpreted correctly. We’re always open to feedback and revisions, should the initial designs be anything short of your vision.

Our aim is to create your ideal ring design. Whether it’s for a small group of pilots or a graduating class of 5,000 students, it all starts here. For projects pertaining to large groups, such as school rings, we are happy to have a member of our design team come to your school or place of work to discuss the details and options available.

Step 2

Jewellery Production

Once you have approved your 3D design, we will move onto the next part of the process: Tooling, Wax Preparation, Casting, and Finishing.

Tooling is how we make your abstract concept come to life in a physical form. A CNC milling machine cuts a custom dye which is used in the wax preparation phase to produce the designed pattern. Next, these dyes are injected with molten wax to create the eventual negative-space of your design. During the casting phase this wax is melted away and replaced with the metal option you chose, resulting in an incredible and elegant presentation.

This is done after the foundation of the ring has been created by placing the foundation and wax “negative” in a 1200-degree oven for 10 hours. After the cooling process has been completed and your metal option is introduced, the rings are refined where needed and polished into pristine condition. Finally, in the last stage, all the remaining details are put in place. This involves a multitude of grinding, shaping and polishing methods. This is also when the selected precious stone is set in place and, perhaps most significantly, when your personalized engraving is etched into the inside of your ring.

Step 3

Quality Control

Every effort is made to guarantee you the perfect finished product. Regardless of our unwavering faith in the production process, during our quality control phase, we review the ring for any flaws or defects. The circumstances in which this happens are rare, but that’s the extra step we take to meet your expectations. Our only goal is to ensure you will be fully satisfied with your product.

Step 4


By this step, your dream design will hopefully have become a reality! Your ring will be bundled with its related items and shipped to your front door. For information about shipping, please visit our DELIVERY PAGE. All items are shipped via 3rd party courier services and are fully covered until items have been received by you.

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