Graduation Rings

Capture The Memories

The graduation ring popularly known as the “Class Ring”, strengthens the tradition of unity, symbolism, exclusivity and prestige. It has become a remarkable trend for high schools and colleges all around the globe to commemorate the end of their academic journey and the beginning of a new chapter. 

Madewear’s objective is to introduce the official graduation ring program across academic institutions in Africa. Your graduation ring captures and celebrates your academic journey from your first year to the day you graduate. Its premium quality gives it its status as a ring for a lifetime. 

The School & the Students

Importance Of Class Rings

Next to your graduation certificate, an official class ring can serve as the most treasured reminder of your accomplishments in school. All who wear one share a collective sense of pride and achievement. The unique design of your class ring symbolises your bond with past and future alumni, shows pride in your alma mater, and reflects a proud tradition of lifelong learning.


A graduation ring can be worn everywhere. Gain more local and international recognition for your institution when your students represent your school with their graduation rings as they further their careers.


Class rings have widely become a symbol of friendship, unity, and solidarity among schoolmates. It is a sophisticated way to solidify relationships with other classmates to help them stay connected in friendship and kinship for a long time.


Class rings are excellent conversation starters as they give a glimpse of one’s educational background. They are great networking tools to connect with various professionals from the same educational backgrounds.

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