One of the many benefits of owning jewelry made with Sterling Silver and Gold is it can almost always be made to look like new again.
A basic clean, polish, and inspection is part of the routine care and maintenance needed to keep your jewellery looking like new. The inspection process includes looking for loose stones, bent prongs, and any damage to the metal or stones that needs to be repaired.

Cleaning & Polishing steps

The jewellery is buffed and polished to remove any minor scratches. This step will make the surface of your jewelry smooth and shiny.

The jewellery is cleaned to remove all the dirt, oil, lotions etc. on the metal and the gemstones. The cleaning process depends on the type of gemstones in the piece. An ultra-sonic cleaner can be used for the more durable gemstones such as Diamond, Ruby, and Sapphire. Gemstones that are more fragile may require special handling and cleaning such as Opals and Pearls.

The jewelry is steam cleaned to remove any remaining dirt or cleaning agents.

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