About us

Who are we?

Madewear was founded in Lagos, Nigeria in May of 1997. Since then, it has become synonymous with providing excellent products and fostering great partnerships with schools, sports teams, the Alumni association and corporate organisations. Madewear currently supplies 70 percent of the college market in West Africa and that number is growing. Our college division vision statement reads: “To be the company that is trusted to provide an alternative way of celebrating the accomplishments of those driven by self-improvement.” We work closely with school administrators to create distinctive partnerships and products. Particularly those that help colleges establish a permanent relationship with their students and build a brand that heightens their image within the educational community. Our Marketing, Sales and Manufacturing facilities are in London and Lagos.

What we do

We provide products that forever mark the special moments of people’s lives. Our legacy is based upon the delivery of exceptional, innovative products, including class rings, yearbooks, college merchandise, graduation products, achievement publications, championship and military products, and affinity jewellery through alumni associations, in-school and retail distribution.


Meet the Team

At the heart of Madewear Nigeria is a team of passionate designers, craftsmen and entrepreneurs. We are one of the leading providers of commemorative products in the world. We have a dedicated team working behind the scenes in all our departments and tremendous field personnel on the front lines to ensure that the quality of our product and the service we provide are nothing short of excellent.

We work tirelessly to ensure our customers experience something special with every purchase. We believe in celebrating the individual, not extolling mass-produced “values”. Every innovation in design is made possible by the simple elegance found within our daily lives. Our incredible customers fuel the passion Madewear has become known for. It is them who influence every reinvention by embracing the power of individuality. This is what tradition is all about – the greatness of an individual passed on through history. You have helped us to define the brand’s unique identity and attitude. For all that and more, we thank you.

Business Executive, College Division
Rume is responsible for leading the sales organisation with a concentration on winning new schools, maintaining previous schools and driving improvement in sales.
CAD Design Spercialist
Anjan has over 7 years experience working with Matrix, Rhinoceros, Zbrush software programs. He is responsible for interpreting clients' brief into 2D  and 3D Models.
Sales Cordinator, Oyo State
As first point of call for Madewear’s key customers in his region, Adesoji’s relationship building skills are a pivotal part of the overall sales team.
CAD Design Spercialist
Hariom has over 5 years experience working with Rhinoceros and Zbrush software programs. He is also responsible for interpreting clients' brief into 2D  and 3D Models.
Business Executive, Sports & Athletics Division
Victoria  is responsible for the leadership, management and complete oversight of all aspects of the athletic partnerships and programmes.

Business Executive, Corporate & Private Clients
Ogadinma is responsible for handling relationships with the company’s EIPS (extremely important people), meeting them on a one-to-one basis and creating special events.
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