Who we are

Madewear was founded in Lagos, Nigeria in May of 1997. Since then, it has become synonymous with providing excellent products and fostering great partnerships with schools, sports teams, the Alumni association and corporate organisations. Madewear currently supplies 70 percent of the college market in West Africa and that number is growing. Our college division vision statement reads: “To be the company that is trusted to provide an alternative way of celebrating the accomplishments of those driven by self-improvement.” We work closely with school administrators to create distinctive partnerships and products. Particularly those that help colleges establish a permanent relationship with their students and build a brand that heightens their image within the educational community. Our Marketing, Sales and Manufacturing facilities are in London and Lagos.

What we do

We provide products that forever mark the special moments of people’s lives. Our legacy is based upon the delivery of exceptional, innovative products, including class rings, yearbooks, college merchandise, graduation products, achievement publications, championship and military products, and affinity jewellery through alumni associations, in-school and retail distribution.

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